Why You Should Buy A Limestone Fireplace

Limestone Fireplaces Are A Popular Choice

Limestone Fireplace

There are a few reasons that UK buyers of Limestone Fireplaces give for why the Limestone Fireplace is a popular choice.

>> The wide variety in colours and sizes – There are shades ranging from red, orange, brown, cream, grey and black. This makes Limestone Fireplaces ideal as decorative pieces.

>> Due to the uniqueness of the material, Limestone Fireplaces are great for granite or marble alternatives. This is because Limestone resembles the patterns and colour of marble and can also sport elaborate and intricate designs, just like granite or marble.

Limestone also exudes a majestic look which often makes for a great focal point in the home.

>>Limestone is a versatile material that can be tailored to suit any decor and to complement your home’s design scheme.

>> The fact that Limestone Fireplaces have better resistance than other materials.

>> Limestone Fireplaces are also generally cheaper than marble, hence, why many homes opt for them as they represent a sensible investment that fall within the budget many work towards.

We know that inspiration is essential when choosing a fireplace to complement your home design. Take a look at this boards on pinterest to help inspire you.

Have You Got Your Chiminea?


Chimineas are pear shaped pots, with elongated tops and a hollow centre in the middle which houses a fire, as well as the fuel used to feed the flames.

It is claimed that Chimineas were invented thousands of years ago in southern Mexico. Clay was dug from riverbeds and moulded into crude pots, which were heated in makeshift kilns. The result was large, distinctly shaped pots that could be used for both campfire heating and cooking food.

This stylish and practical way to both decorate gardens and host barbecues has survived for centuries. Having a chiminea in the modern day has a great number of advantages, including the following:

1. They can make a beautiful focal point to gather around.
2. They are a great source of outdoor heating.
3. They are Relatively inexpensive.
4. They are easy to set up and light.
5. Low maintenance – just purchase a cover for rainy days and you can leave them outside all year!
6. Safety – many offer fire grates to cover the flame.

There are a great variety of styles, shapes, fuel types and materials to choose from.
One thing that has changed since ancient times is the sheer variety of Chimineas that are available . From clay to gigantic cast iron behemoths, you have a couple to decide between and below is a basic breakdown of some of the more common varieties.

1. Cast Iron Chiminea
The cast iron Chiminea is more cast iron-y than their clay counterpart, cast iron chimineas were developed as an alternative to the classic design. Apart from having a more dramatic and formidable appearance, cast iron chimineas are much more durable than any other type of chiminea, and are able to withstand higher temperatures for much longer. They are also often assembled in pieces using nuts and bolts, meaning transportation and delivery of them is often easier. A cast iron chiminea would be ideal to give your garden character or a strong focal point.

So, as you can see, chimineas can be beautiful, and if selected properly will completely change the look and feel of your garden. If you feel that a chiminea is for you, then why not check out our brand new range here!

2. Mexican Clay Chimineas
Definitely a favourite, clay chimineas are usually based on the original classic Mexican design. We really love the way the clay gives the shape and colour an irregular, rustic look, imbuing it with an almost organic quality that makes it perfect for outside use. These types of chiminea, in true Mexican fashion, often make great use of colour and texture, and so are perfect for pairing up with an equally colourful garden, or for giving some spark to a dull one.

Peak Fireplace Season – Have You Ordered Your Fireplace?

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Fireplace Delivered After 300,000 Years!

Did that incredulous headline arrest your attention?:) Ok, the story is that Arheaologists recently made the discovery of a 300,000 year old fireplace! Do have a full read on the dailymail website here

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Announcing Next Day Fireplace Delivery

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The internet has come a long way in making our lives better. It couldn’t be more poignant with the recent report that UK internet sales rose to a monthly record peak of over £10bn last November [2013]! Across the UK, a 2.9% drop in footfall to the high streets was also reported.

There are so many interesting stats out there; the OECD reportedly claims we’re [Brits] the biggest online shoppers in the developed world!

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Northern Ireland Fireplaces Come Tops In The UK!

The team here at Shop4AFireplace are always trying to get to know how people in the UK love there fireplaces.

We recently had a look at Google Trends to see where in the UK was “top dog” for acquiring fireplaces.

Northern Ireland trumped all other regions by some distance.

We must mention that as we looked into the data, Belfast was where majority of the demand came from.

Northern Ireland Fireplaces

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